Stone Barn Brandyworks

Stone Barn Brandyworks

Founded by Sebastian and Erika Degens, Stone Barn Brandyworks makes hand-crafted brandies and spirits from Oregon and Pacific Northwest fruits and grains that are both characteristic of their origin and distinctive to their variety, grower or vintner. LEARN MORE


Wild Roots Vodka

Wild Roots produces all-natural spirits that strive to embody the true essence of the Northwest, starting with what the Northwest is best known for; rich soil, pure water and one of a kind berries. In using the best possible ingredients Wild Roots is able to create an original, hand-crafted vodka that bursts with fresh, natural flavors and aromas.  LEARN MORE

vinn distillery

Vinn Distillery

Vinn Distillery is a family-owned company located just south of Portland in Wilsonville, with their new Tasting Room now opened in Distillery Row. Vinn Distillery exclusively produces and bottles rice-based spirits from recipes that have been passed down for over seven generations. LEARN MORE


Thomas & Sons Distillery

Townshend’s Distillery is the distilled spirits project from Townshend’s Tea Company. Their offerings include a family of tea liqueurs, Italian Amari (bitter liqueurs), and other botanical spirits, all distilled from a fermentation of tea and sugar. LEARN MORE


New Deal Distillery

New Deal has been proudly crafting small-batch, award-winning spirits in Portland’s Southeast Industrial District since 2004. Visit our Tasting Room & Distiller’s Workshop to sample and see what we’re playing with, or take a hands-on whiskey-making class. LEARN MORE


House Spirits Distillery

House Spirits was founded in 2004 to re-invigorate the craft of distillation and stamp it with the taste and flavor of the Pacific Northwest. At the end of 2005 the distillery began production of the popular American Aviation Gin. LEARN MORE


Eastside Distilling

Eastside Distilling has been producing high-quality, hand-crafted spirits in since 2009. They believe that locally-produced spirits simply taste better, so all of their unique products are produced in Portland, Oregon from natural ingredients in small batches. LEARN MORE