Stone Barn Brandyworks

Founded by Sebastian and Erika Degens, Stone Barn Brandyworks makes hand-crafted brandies and spirits from Oregon and Pacific Northwest fruits and grains that are both characteristic of their origin and distinctive to their variety, grower or vintner. They are working to produce both traditional and uniquely creative products, with a commitment to excellence and a direct connection to our community of customers & suppliers.


The inspiration for Stone Barn Brandyworks comes from Sebastian’s passion for fruit brandies, a family inheritance from his native Germany, fueled by the aroma of the wonderful fruit grown in the Pacific Northwest.



3315 SE 19th, Suite B

Winter 2018 Hours

Friday- Mondays: Noon – 6:00 pm.
We will be closed January 29th.
Tours and an active still on most days
Weekdays by appointment
Call 503-341-2227 or 503-775-6747 for availability at other times; please check our website for calendar updates.

Seasonal Spirits

  • Grappa
  • Willamette Strawberry Liqueur
  • Haskap Liqueur
  • Quince Liqueur
  • Pinot Gris Ouzo
  • Plum Brandy
  • Apple Brandy
  • Bartlett Pear Brandy

Year Round Offerings:

  • Cranberry Liqueur
  • Apricot Liqueur
  • Nocino (Green Walnut Liqueur)
  • Barrel aged whiskeys (rye, oat, spelt, or some combination thereof)